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Server Woahs

I’m getting ready for a beta launch and have setup a production VPS. It’s oddly slower than the staging server despite being on the same (or very similar) plan from the same provider.

Both are 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, NVMe SSD, Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 7.4, but the older staging server is faster everywhere.

The new server was configured by Forge, instead of me doing it manually.

It can build and deploy the app in ~75 seconds instead of ~120. The queries run faster and it has lower memory usage.

I’ve also now benchmarked it with Sysbench, and again for both CPU and disk the staging server is faster.

  • Disk writing 8GB of files: Staging ~21% faster
  • CPU Prime numbers, 10K limit: Staging ~41% faster
  • CPU Prime numbers, 20K limit: Staging ~38% faster
  • App build and deployment: Staging 38% faster

Update: Having tested on a 2 vCPU server, my old Ubuntu 16 box, and a Vultr High CPU plan it seems the slower prod server is closer to normal, and my old staging one is an anomaly.