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Concept Sketches

Begun sketching the main screen, with a summary of the user’s stats (almost like a scoreboard) and the interface for adding a coffee to their data.

The interface for adding a coffee should have some fun interactivity, and a minimal, low friction way of giving an approximate rating.

The goal of is not about details reviews, so I’ll be building something simpler than a star system. The purpose for recording any rating is to help with recommendations down the track and to be able to report to user’s their favourite as well as most frequently visited coffee shops.


The app will be more fun and useful if there’s some social aspect. I haven’t decided yet if this might include following strangers (ala Twitter), or if it’d be more for personal relationships. I think public profiles could make sense.

There would need to be some privacy controls, such as delaying new ‘Coffees’ for a couple of hours. (Actually live could be useful, but I’d give users the option to delay the post by a 2 / 24 hours).