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Managing List State Globally

I’ve progressed the search feature and would like the cafes listed in the results to use the components for the Favourites and To Try lists. The Vue components themselves can be dropped in, but I realised that they don’t have a default link to their underlying state.

Where they are used on other pages in the app I have loaded the data as part of the initial server response, which flows through to the components.

So now I have to either replicate that pattern on other pages, or refactor the components to use Vuex state and add an API endpoint to load in the data. The downside is it creates a bit more frontend work for me now, and also requires another HTTP request to load the full page data. The upside is more portable, self contained components.

In hindsight I can see why an SPA approach using Intertia would be helpful as it would remove some of this extra work, but I didn’t have the scope to build that way when I started this project.

I’m wondering if this refactor will also allow for fresher data on the My Cafes page. If user toggles a Fav/ToTry status on one route, it currently doesn’t automatically update if they switch Vue routes. If I move to central Vuex state that problem might be solved by default. So it’s a more robust solution.