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Migrating Search to Meilisearch or Similar

I began a partial migration to Algolia for cafe search a while ago. That was a spike that only covered some of the simpler uses.

As part of the work to make location search easier with suburb autocompletion I’d also like to move the suburb database into a search index. The free tier of Algolia is limited and it’d blow away my quota, so I’m looking at Meilisearch (MS). That’d mean the cafe search would move into it as well.

Initial testing was ok, but it seems that MS does not support multiple geo location positions per document in the same way that ElasticSearch does. This would have been extremely useful, as my data model has a one to many relationship between cafes and their individual locations. The search would be easier to build if MS could internally handle that.

If I’m right, I’ll either need to do a hybrid, multi-step search to find cafes within a location, and then another with those ids to handle the main search which might sort by score and other ranking factors.

Going full ElasticSearch is also not that appealing because it’s not supported by Scout, so I’d have to do more custom data mapping, querying and syncing.

Much to consider.