Development – HadCoffee Blog


Dev is underway. Frontend template is largely built, but will create components as needed, rather than building a complete styleguide and system up front.

Backend dev has begun too; the Laravel backend started, user auth, and initial work on the process of adding cafes. That’s got a few extra steps than a basic CRUD form because I want to geolocate cafes without the user (or me) having to manually lookup their location.

I’m using HTML5 GeoLocation + Google APIs to reverse geocode the user’s current city for a hint as to which cafe they mean when entering data; then another reverse geocode to get lat/lng and address for the cafe in question.

This will let me do some initial data entry without as much tedious Googling and copy/pasting.

It does mean I need to get a bit diverted on the structuring of the application JS though. I don’t want to go to far building ad-hoc hack scripts that are hard to organize later. I need to workout how my application JS will combine with Vue, Vue Components and future code. May also need to consider how I cache user location or reverse geocode results to reduce API demands.