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Designing, Decisions and Scope Creep

Photos – I’ve started to think they could be important for helping a user know if a cafe has the vibe they’re after. Implementing them does open a whole new bag of onions with regards to uploading, deleting, featuring, moderating, offloading, resizing and such.

I’m not sure if that should end up in the v1 release or if I’m just blowing up the scope unnecessarily. I’m not trying to be Instagram, but at the same time photos do tell a story of what the place is like.

Cafe Views in the Frontend

The HTML/CSS for a cafe view in the frontend are coming along. The placeholder data and characters need to be replaced with real components, but I do have the offset height panels and slanted shadow that I was after.

Seeya flat design, it’s been nice, but I need a break for a while.