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HadCoffee Launched

Woot. I spent the last few weeks tidying up rough edges and doing the little tasks like email notifications, password resets, social images etc.

Opened up public registrations yesterday and posted on Slack today. Haven’t yet hit up the mailing list or Instagram account.

I wouldn’t mind doing a little video explainer of the features. A reel or two if you will.

All up, to get to this point was 633 hours over 4½ years

  • 2022 – 123h 52m (to April)
  • 2021 – 126h 04m
  • 2020 – 146h 20m
  • 2019 – 93h 48m
  • 2018 – 129h 18m
  • 2017 – 13h 36m

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